5 Personality Traits and Qualities of a Good Manager

A career in management is something a lot of professionals strive for because it gives them better job prospects and a sense of responsibility. But there are times when the weight of that responsibility becomes too much to bear. To succeed, you need to know the qualities of a good manager. 

According to Mind, one in three people suffers from stress at work, and managers can find themselves susceptible to depression and anxiety. Here are five personality traits and qualities of a good manager. 

Being a Team Player 

Managers should support their workforce to achieve not just company goals, but their career development aspirations. Being a team player is about providing people with opportunities and rewarding your employees for their hard work. 

An article published by the HR Review shows that many people feel unsupported at work, which impacts their health. By being aware of the effects of mental health and how a hostile environment can cause low morale amongst team members, you can become a better manager. 

Being a Visionary Thinker 

Managers are responsible for driving the company to reach its goals, which means they need to think on their feet. It’s a demanding role to navigate because when you have sole responsibility, you might feel a great deal of stress. 

When you consider what the future might hold, you can begin to make wise decisions. For example, is a product going out of style? Will the economy continue to remain stable? An effective manager always has a plan or can think on their feet to come up with solutions to a range of problems. 

Supporting Employee Development 

Employees aren’t all made equal, and you’ll find that your workforce has many strengths and weaknesses. It’s your job as a manager to assess each employee and support them to develop their skills through training. 

Indeed has a useful article on why businesses need to offer their employees training opportunities. You can view it here

Developing Personally 

Excellent managers never get too comfortable. Technology and consumer trends are always changing, so managers need to update their skills and knowledge regularly. When you commit to personal development, you’ll set a strong example for your team and inspire them to build their skills. 

As part of your development, you should also consider lightening your workload to give your employees more of your time. Many companies choose to implement HR management software to improve their daily operations.

Showing Others You’re Reliable 

Reliability is essential for managers. They’re the go-to place for solving disputes between employees and creating a positive company image for clients and consumers. 

If you’re the kind of person that runs late or forgets important information, then before a career in management, you need to focus on becoming more reliable. 

Working with others is challenging, but supporting others to work for you is a complicated job. If you prefer following rather than leading, your management style won’t be effective. Remember, people look up to confident individuals, but there are some assertiveness techniques you can implement.

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